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 “How long have you been wedding photographers and how did you fall in love with weddings?”

It’s a funny story. I have had a passion for photography all my life. Decided to venture into the world of family photography back in 2015 because I love capturing memories for families to look back on. Family is what is most important to me. So, in 2016 I was hired to be a second shooter for a friend whose mother already booked their main photographer. My wife and I arrived at the location where the bride was getting ready and starting taking some detail pictures. Some time went by and the other photographer hasn’t shown up yet and the bride started getting panicky. I had my backup camera in the car and I told my wife “you’re about to get a crash course in photography.” My wife and I photographed the entire day, had fun, and we saved the day for that bride and a groom! The feeling was amazing! That’s when our passion blossomed. Since then we have photographed more than 30 weddings and over 200 families and we fall more and more in love with our passion with each new one that we do!

“We love your photography and your portfolio.  Everything sounds fantastic…So can you tell me what sets you apart from the other wedding photographers out there?”

We truly love what we do and our clients, many of which have become very good friends of ours in the years since their wedding day. In many cases, we are following you from the time you are getting ready, all the way to the end of your day. After all, it is one of the most important days of your lives! We will go above and beyond just photographing your big day, we want to make sure your day is perfect. You will often times see one or both of us tear up a little during your ceremony as well as laughing right beside you during the reception! We are emotionally invested in our clients and I believe that translates to the photos we provide. 

“Are you for everyone?”

 While we would love to be for everyone. Unfortunately, we are not. We put so much of our time, effort, sweat, and some tears into each wedding to ensure we not only capture each moment but that we capture each moment in a unique and beautiful way. We believe that we choose our clients as much as they choose us because of our creativity and will appreciate our beautiful photos, as well as our fun personality😊

“This all sounds so wonderful!  It also seems expensive.  Are we going to be able to afford this?”

We offer complimentary consultations to build a photography package that suits your needs and wants.

After the sparklers go out and everyone heads home, all that will remain of your special day will be your memories. Wedding photographers are an investment. Not just for one day, but for your lifetime. These pictures will be treasured well past your lifetime and your children’s lifetime. You put a ton of work and expense to creating a magical day. We make sure its captured the right way.

One benefit of hiring a husband and wife team is the discount you get. We do not have to split the money with another photographer. Therefore, you get a much more experienced photography team reasonable rate.

“With two photographers, what exactly do you both do?”

As a husband and wife team you get the experience and perspective of two people have walked down the aisle just like you. With just a look, we can communicate to get the shots we need. Usually, my wife will follow the ladies getting ready and I will follow the gentlemen while they get ready. We will stay with each of you to the point of walking down the aisle. We have found that this makes the experience more comforting to the both of you. Then we tag team the ceremony, formals, and reception using a variety of lenses. Our process has been refined throughout all of the weddings that we have shot together.

“Do you have backup equipment?”

Yes, always. Each photographer will have extra professional camera bodies and multiple professional lenses and flash units. We bring spare everything from memory cards to batteries. There should never be any concern about equipment failure at a shoot. We are prepared.

“Do you accept credit cards? “

Yes, we accept check, cash, or credit card.

“When can we expect to see our images?”       

We will have a sneak peek of your wedding within 7 days. We understand that you’re excited to see your photos and we want to make sure you have something to show off after your big day! On many occasions I strive to have a sneak peek within 48 hours! All of your images will be ready and mailed out within 4-6 weeks after your wedding day.

“Everything sounds great! What next?”

The next step is for you to contact us via email, phone, or messenger to set up a free consultation. This way you have a chance to get to know us and for us to get to know you! If we are traveling to do your wedding and we are not available to meet in person we can also do a video meeting (skype, etc) Once you pay the retainer and have the contract signed your date will be officially booked. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis. 

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